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The Football Fantasy API plan provides the AI-infused
fantasy player match points, player credit points, and fantasy credit editor.


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Artificial Intelligence

AI powered Facts, Stats, Fantasy and Answers API

Fantasy Credit Points API

Gives the AI-calculated player credit point for each player. The AI calculated player credit points are dynamic, and it’s updated based on the historical performance stats and the recent performance of the player.

Fantasy Match Points API

Roanuz Football API provides the AI powered & pre-configured Cricket Fantasy Point system that is calculated based on the players recent performance stats. The Fantasy Points can be customised based on your requirements.

Fantasy Credit Editor

Now, you can manage the player credit points. It allows you to edit the AI-generated dynamic fantasy player credit points for any player for any match.



Why you should use
Roanuz Football API

When football data is critical for your application or business, then you need a quick support team, reliable data than the automated web-crawled data. And we got industry standard SLA with 99% uptime.

Faster Data deliver

Get faster & real-time football live score via Webhook, WebSocket, and HTTP Rest API. Instead of pulling the API frequently to get the live score, we push the real-time live scores to your server. Therefore, it reduces your CPU costs.

True support

Our support team is active during live matches. Call us on our Toll-free number for assistance, development support and to mention we are the best. We are also available for chat.

Manually curated & validated

Unlike most API providers, we don't crawl data from other websites. Every event & data manually fed in real time to our software. Software elegantly designed to validate, create stats & push live scores instantly.

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Fantasy API Plans

Ready made APIs for building Football Fantasy App. A.I. powered Player Credit Value (Player Market Value) and Fantasy Match Points API.


Fantasy Silver Plan

$ 90
per month

Free Requests: 1,200,000 per Month


Fantasy Gold Plan

$ 140
per month

Free Requests: 1,500,000 per Month

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