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2024 Paris Olympics Football: Schedule, Teams, Venues, and More Revealed!

The 2024 Olympics in Paris are just around the corner, and the soccer tournaments promise to be incredible. The group stage draws have been announced, mapping out the journey to gold medal glory for the competing teams.

The men's tournament kicks off on July 24, with the final on August 9. The women's tournament begins a day later, with the final on August 10.

Men's Tournament Overview

For the first time since 2008, the USMNT(United States Men’s National Soccer Team) has qualified for the tournament. They will face hosts France in the opening game. Brazil, the two-time reigning champions, failed to qualify, making France and reigning World Cup champions Argentina the favorites for the gold. The men's tournament is a U-23 competition, allowing each squad to include three players over the age of 23.

Women's Tournament Overview

The USWNT, under new head coach Emma Hayes, are favorites to win gold in Paris. They haven't won Olympic gold since 2012. The USWNT faces a tough group stage with Germany, Australia, and Zambia. Hosts France, Canada, Brazil, Spain, and Japan are also strong contenders.

The Men's Olympic Football Tournament at the 2024 Paris Olympics promises to be a thrilling event, showcasing talent from around the world. Here's a comprehensive guide to the tournament, including the qualified teams, schedule, venues, format, and more.

Dates and Venues for the Football Olympics Tournament

Matches will be played across various stadiums in France, including Bordeaux, Lyon, Nice, Marseille, Nantes, and Saint-Etienne. The final matches will be held at Paris Saint-Germain’s Parc des Princes, making this an epic celebration of soccer.

Dates: July 24 to August 9, 2024

Venues: Seven stadiums across France:

  • Parc des Princes (Paris)
  • Stade de Bordeaux (Bordeaux)
  • Stade de la Beaujoire (Nantes)
  • Stade de Lyon (Lyon)
  • Stade de Marseille (Marseille)
  • Stade de Nice (Nice)
  • Stade Geoffroy-Guichard (Saint-Etienne)

Qualified Nations for Olympics

The following 16 teams have qualified for the Men's Olympic Football Tournament:


  • Historically strong, won gold in 2004 and 2008.
    • First participation: 1928 (runner-up).
    • Notable recent success: Gold medals in 2004 and 2008.
    • Key players: Carlos Tévez (top scorer in 2004).

Dominican Republic

  • Debuting at the Olympics.
    • Qualified through the 2022 CONCACAF U-20 Championship.
    • First Olympic qualification in history.


  • Consistent participant with 13 appearances.
    • Best results: 4th place in 1928 and 1964.
    • Recent performance: Quarterfinals in 2020.
    • Top-medalist at U-23 Africa Cup.

France (Host Nation)

  • Gold medal in 1984.
    • First participation: 1900.
    • Recent qualification: Returned in 2020 after 24 years.
    • Key players: Overaged stars allowed.


  • Emerging team in African football.
    • Qualified through the U-23 Africa Cup.
    • Developing youth talent.


  • Strong showing in 2004, reaching 4th place.
    • Other achievements: Champions in 2013 AFC U-22, 2023 WAFF U-23.
    • Notable players: Adnan Hamad (coach in 2004).


  • First Olympic appearance in 2024.
    • Qualified through 2023 UEFA U-21 Championship.
    • Historic achievement: Reached U-21 semi-finals.


  • Consistent qualifiers, strong at Asian level.
    • Achievements: Gold at 2010 Asian Games, 2016 AFC U-23.
    • Recent performance: Quarterfinals in 2020.
    • Notable players: Shinji Kagawa (previous star).


  • Up-and-coming team in African football.
    • Qualified through U-23 Africa Cup.
    • Developing strong youth programs.


  • Strong recent performance, 2023 U-23 Africa Cup champions.
    • Historic performance: Reached 2nd round in 1972.
    • Key players: Abdelaziz Barrada (fastest goal in 2011 CAF U-23).

New Zealand

  • Regular participants, known as the "OlyWhites".
    • First Olympic appearance: 2008.
    • Notable performance: Consistent OFC Preliminary winners.


  • Regular qualifiers, strong South American presence.
    • Best performance: Silver medal in 2004.
    • Notable players: Roque Santa Cruz (overaged player in 2004).


  • Highly successful, gold in 1992, silver in 2000 and 2020.
    • First participation: 1920 (silver medal).
    • Recent performance: Silver in 2020.
    • Key players: Pedri (star in 2020).


  • Debuting in 2024, recent U-21 success.
    • Qualified through 2023 UEFA U-21 Championship.
    • Recent achievement: Maurice Revello Tournament winners in 2024.


  • Strong youth development, last qualified in 2008.
    • Best performance: 4th place in 2000.
    • Key players: Freddy Adu, Sacha Kljestan (2008 qualifiers).


  • Regular qualifiers, strong Asian contender.
    • Qualified through AFC U-23 Championship.
    • Developing strong youth programs.

Schedule for the Men's Olympic Football Tournament 2024

Date Group Match Time Venue
July 24, 2024 A France vs USA 21:00 Stade de Marseille
July 24, 2024 A Guinea vs New Zealand 17:00 Stade de Nice
July 24, 2024 B Argentina vs Morocco 15:00 Stade Geoffroy-Guichard
July 24, 2024 B Iraq vs Ukraine 19:00 Stade de Lyon
July 24, 2024 C Uzbekistan vs Spain 15:00 Parc des Princes
July 24, 2024 C Egypt vs Dominican Republic 17:00 Stade de la Beaujoire
July 24, 2024 D Mali vs Israel 21:00 Parc des Princes
July 24, 2024 D Japan vs Paraguay 19:00 Stade de Bordeaux
July 27, 2024 A France vs Guinea 21:00 Stade de Nice
July 27, 2024 A New Zealand vs USA 19:00 Stade de Marseille
July 27, 2024 B Argentina vs Iraq 15:00 Stade de Lyon
July 27, 2024 B Ukraine vs Morocco 17:00 Stade Geoffroy-Guichard
July 27, 2024 C Uzbekistan vs Egypt 17:00 Stade de la Beaujoire
July 27, 2024 C Dominican Republic vs Spain 15:00 Stade de Bordeaux
July 27, 2024 D Israel vs Paraguay 19:00 Parc des Princes
July 27, 2024 D Japan vs Mali 21:00 Stade de Bordeaux
July 30, 2024 A New Zealand vs France 19:00 Stade de Marseille
July 30, 2024 A USA vs Guinea 19:00 Stade Geoffroy-Guichard
July 30, 2024 B Ukraine vs Argentina 17:00 Stade de Lyon
July 30, 2024 B Morocco vs Iraq 17:00 Stade de Nice
July 30, 2024 C Dominican Republic vs Uzbekistan 15:00 Parc des Princes
July 30, 2024 C Spain vs Egypt 15:00 Stade de Bordeaux
July 30, 2024 D Israel vs Japan 21:00 Stade de la Beaujoire
July 30, 2024 D Paraguay vs Mali 21:00 Parc des Princes
August 2, 2024 QF 1A vs 2B 21:00 Stade de Bordeaux
August 2, 2024 QF 1B vs 2A 15:00 Parc des Princes
August 2, 2024 QF 1C vs 2D 19:00 Stade de Marseille
August 2, 2024 QF 1D vs 2C 17:00 Stade de Lyon
August 5, 2024 SF Winner QF 1 vs Winner QF 3 21:00 Stade de Lyon
August 5, 2024 SF Winner QF 2 vs Winner QF 4 18:00 Stade de Marseille
August 8, 2024 Bronze Loser SF 1 vs Loser SF 2 17:00 Stade de la Beaujoire
August 9, 2024 Gold Winner SF 1 vs Winner SF 2 18:00 Parc des Princes

Tournament Format

  • Group Stage:
    • The 16 teams are divided into four groups (A, B, C, D) of four teams each.
    • Age Restrictions: Each squad comprises 18 players, with a minimum of 15 players born on or after January 1, 2001. Up to three players over the age of 23 are allowed per team.
  • Knockout Stage:
    • The top two teams from each group advance to the quarter-finals.
    • The knockout stage includes the quarter-finals, semi-finals, a bronze medal match, and the final.


The stage is set for the 2024 Olympics in Paris to showcase the pinnacle of soccer talent from around the globe. Whether you're following your national team's quest for gold or simply reveling in the beauty of the beautiful game, this summer's Olympics promises unforgettable moments and impassioned performances.

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