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API for Fifa World Cup

As 2018 FIFA WORLD CUP RUSSIA starts on 14th June 2018. Roanuz Football API offers special season based plan to build the website/ app/ game with all the aspects of FIFA event.

Roanuz Football API FIFA Season Based plan provides a Live Score & Stats for Blog, Android App, IOS App, games and Web Apps. As FIFA counted as one of the vigorous league for Football game developers, Football Analyst, Football Blog developers & Writers, and for other Live Score App developers, it is a crucial time for the rapid increase in traffic.

Based on your requirement, Choose any of the FIFA season plan to build the app/game.

Season lite

FIFA Season Lite provides the complete information about the Tournaments, Match scorecard, Live match, Schedule, Stats and the Player Stats, Standings, Player profile team profile and Club profile.

The following are the API Access for Season Lite Plan:

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Season Premium

FIFA Season Premium plan provides the event updates with complete access to Football API season along with points table, stats, player stats, match over the summary and a full schedule of FIFA 2018. Season Premium

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