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Introducing V5 API (BETA)

We are glad to announce the BETA launch of the v5 version of endpoints for cricket. With the v5 version, you can now access data for matches of all coverage groups from a single endpoint, and automate your workflow seamlessly. The endpoints are currently available to test for our Enterprise Customers. Reach out to us to sign up for our BETA program!


Tournament Team Stats API

The Team Stats API gives the statistics of the required team for the required Tournament.

Get the Tournament Key from the Recent Tournament API, and the Tournament Team Key from the Tournament API.


Request URL Path:

Method: GET


access_token - Required.

Sample Request:

Sample Reponse:

"cache_key": "football|tournament|1002227289901109249|team|1002227289188077569|stats",
"data": {
"stats": {
"stats": {
"defensive": {
"fouls": 95,
"offsides": 7,
"own_goals": 2
"offensive": {
"clean_sheets": 1,
"fouls_drawn": 56,
"goals": 18,
"penalty_goals": 0
"summary": {
"draws": 3,
"goals": 18,
"losts": 2,
"red_cards": 1,
"wons": 3,
"yellow_cards": 7
"team": {
"code": "RUS",
"key": "1002227289188077569",
"name": "Russia"
"expires": 1532960239,
"status": true,
"status_code": 200,
"version": "1.0.0"
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