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Get Started With Football API

Now, It is effortless to get started with the Roanuz Football API. Not much technical knowledge is required to use the RESTful Football API. The Roanuz Football API provides the API for Live Score & Stats and the player stats & Season stats. The Football API serves data for all the ranges of developers.

To get started with the Football API, The Access Token is required to access any API. Generate the access token using the Auth API.

Create an app

  • Register Football API. To register, click
  • It will be redirected to "My Apps" page of Cricket API Com. The Roanuz Football API is the successor of Roanuz Cricket API.

  • Click on "Create New App" button and provide the required details.

App Screenshot

  • Click on "View" to view the created app.

Choose The Plan

Any of the Football API plans must be attached to the Football API app to access the corresponding API.

  • Select the Football API plan based on the requirement. The access level for each plan is different for all the plans. To know more about the Football API plan, refer Football API Live Score & Stats Plan.

  • Clicking on "Buy" button redirects to buy page. Create an invoice by providing the required details & subscribe to the plan.

  • Payment Option: Invoice, Razor Pay, Pay Pal & 2Checkout.

Generate The Access Token

The Access Token is required to access all API. The access token needs to be re-generated for every 24 hours from the time of access token generation or whenever the API throws the API status of the response "Invalid Access Token" error.

App Screenshot

Call the Auth API using the following CURL Command.

$ curl 
    --header "Content-Type: application/json" 
    --request POST 
    --data '{
        "access_key": "YOUR_ACCESS_KEY",
        "secret_key": "YOUR_SECRET_KEY",
        "app_id": "YOUR_APP_ID",
        "device_id": "YOUR_DEVICE_ID"}'

access_key & secret_key provided upon providing the Football API App details.

App_id: Provide your Football API App ID from APP page.

device _id: Provide any string. It is a device identification id for API.

Example of device_id: device_01

To get started with the API integration, refer docs

View all Docs

True Support Center

Not sure, what plan to choose? Just get in touch us. We are committed to providing a solution to all football data requirements. Feel free to write your technical questions, to know about best practice and guidelines.

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